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On Thursday, we had the pleasure in leading the conversation on achieving financial well being and wellness throughout an employee’s career and beyond. All part of the Thrive with Mater program of activity. Research tells us that around 1/3rd of Australians believe their financial situation impacts their quality of life affecting mental health, family relationships and work productivity.

We were delighted to take participants on a discussion about the fundamentals of financial wellness and how they can take action at every stage of their career. This included case study demonstrations to highlight that, no matter the career stage, there are things everyone can do. And importantly, the decisions we make today will always have an impact later on, both good and bad. So there is no time like the present to learn and act.

The conversation went so well we’ve booked in a series of deeper follow-up workshops around specific career intersections.

Thank you to delegates for the opportunity to contribute to Thrive with Mater and provide some insight to achieving your own financial well being.


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We know that super can be confusing, so we’re here to help. Mercy Super regularly holds small workshops in our Boardroom to help our members connect with their super to cut through all the confusion. We engage with members every day and see first hand the difference that great decisions about their super makes. Come along and join us at your choice of complimentary workshop.

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