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Life was ticking along nicely for Susan. At age 59 she enjoyed her career as a phlebotomist at the Mater and was in a happy long-time relationship with her partner, Christine. Retirement was not far off and Susan was planning to surprise Christine with a marriage proposal when they both permanently finished work.

One day, quite out of the blue, Susan started to experience some unusual pain and other symptoms and went to her doctor, who immediately ordered some tests. To her shock, she was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and admitted to hospital. Susan and Christine then received the sad news that Susan’s cancer was terminal. Not wanting to wait another day, Susan immediately proposed to Christine who accepted.

With her diagnosis of terminal illness, Susan’s $123,000 terminal illness cover was quickly paid in to her account. These funds enabled close family members from overseas to travel to Australia and join Susan and Christine at their intimate wedding ceremony in the hospital’s small but beautiful chapel.

Susan’s income protection cover then commenced, providing a monthly payment of $5,879 (plus $692 going into her super). This helped defray some of Susan’s medical costs for the next three months until she passed away peacefully with Christine by her side.

As Susan’s beneficiary, Christine received a final payment of $221,212 consisting of Susan’s residual death cover of $43,000 ($166,000 less the $123,000 terminal illness already paid), $19,712 as the final three months of income protection and Susan’s final account balance of $158,500. These funds offered Christine some financial relief in her time of grief and as she adjusted to life without Susan

Michelle & death cover

Michelle was a beloved community services team leader, but when she suffered a sudden and major brain hemorrhage, falling into a coma, her insurance cover was there to support her family.

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Sarah & income protection cover

When Sarah’s colleague, Jessica, was forced out of work due to a back injury, it was a wake up call for Sarah to look into her own insurance cover.

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