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In February 2021 we advised members of the decision to redeem the assets supporting the Socially Responsible investment option which, at the time, were wholly allocated to the AMP Capital Ethical Leaders Balanced Fund. While we investigated appropriate alternative arrangements for this option, an interim measure was implemented with the investments temporarily allocated to the same strategic asset allocation as Mercy Super’s MySuper Balanced option.

This investigation is now concluded and a restructured Socially Responsible option was implemented from 30 June 2021. Any member accounts invested within the Socially Responsible option have been automatically reallocated to the new investments of this option.

The restructured option utilises investment manager products that specifically take into account social, environmental, ethical and other responsible investment considerations when selecting underlying investments. This is done by excluding inappropriate assets from the underlying investments.

These investment manager products adopt an otherwise passive focus to the selection of investment assets to retain relative alignment with performance benchmarks. This has the added benefit of providing an investment option with lower investment fees than previously applied to this investment option.

Want to know more? Find out what’s behind the restructured Socially Responsible investment option or explore the profile of the Socially Responsible option for more details.

Investment option review

We regularly review our investment strategy to ensure our investment options continue to align with member needs and provide strong long-term returns. As a result some changes were made to the Strategic Asset Allocations, estimated investment fees and Investment objectives for a number of our options effective from 1 July 2021.

Refer the Member Notice for details of the changes which are reflected in the 1 July 2021 version of our Investment Options Guide.

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