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Our friends at Mater Foundation are driving a call to arms for the community to show their support for frontline health workers who are working tirelessly during the nation’s Omicron surge.

Back up the Frontline, is a campaign aimed at easing the load for healthcare heroes, providing them with ready-made, healthy meals in partnership with Youfoodz.

It’s simple – every $50 donation to the campaign would be matched to provide a $100 Youfoodz voucher to over 6,000 hard-working staff across Queensland. Just to make it clear, if you donate $50 the impact is doubled to provide a $100 Youfoodz voucher.

“Right now, frontline health workers are physically and emotionally exhausted; they need all the love, energy and support we can muster,” says Mater Foundation’s Executive Director Andrew Thomas.

“Providing a healthy, cooked meal at the end of a gruelling, extended shift in full PPE may not make their work any easier at the moment, but it will lighten the load for them when they finally make it home.

We’re encouraging our members, suppliers and friends to get behind this campaign and show your support for our dedicated and hardworking frontline health workers in a way that will have a direct impact.

You can find out more and donate to Back up the Frontline at