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Income protection cover was not the first thing on Sarah’s mind when she became a member of Mercy Super. Nor was it her fifth, 17th or even 32nd. So, when she returned from 12 months of maternity leave to find a colleague, Jessica, forced out of work due to a back injury and struggling without a replacement income, she was prompted to look into her own insurance cover.

With a young family to think of, she wanted to make sure they were protected should anything ever happen to her. On checking her Mercy Super account she was happy to see she had income protection cover – something Jessica was lacking. Not only did she have income protection, along with her Death and TPD cover it was enough to support her whole family.

This newfound interest in her insurance cover prompted her to give her husband, Adam, a little nudge to look into his own insurance through super. He was pretty shocked to find that not only did he have no income protection insurance, he was also insufficiently covered for Death and TPD cover. He’s now going through the lengthy health assessment process to increase his insurance through his super fund.

In the cases of Adam and Jessica, their super funds didn’t have income protection as an automatic cover upon joining. With Sarah having spent a year off work, she’s decided to make additional contributions to offset the impact her insurance premiums of $10.46 per week have on her super.

Susan & terminal illness cover

When Susan was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, her terminal illness cover enabled family members to travel to Australia and join Susan and her partner Christine at their intimate wedding ceremony in the hospital’s chapel.

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Rebecca & disability cover

Rebecca’s shock diagnosis of terminal cancer was devastating, but thanks to her income protection cover, her family is supported during this difficult time and finances her participation in a medical trial that could save her life.

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