Mercy Super - Always for you

Mercy Super’s front office in the Potter Building of Mater’s South Brisbane campus will be closed from Thursday 26th March 2020 to help contain the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19) through social interactions. 

All our staff have the facilities and support needed to work from home as needed which has been tested in recent weeks. This includes our frontline Super Centre staff and financial advisers. 

As the Mercy Super team packs up tools to work from home, we have mixed feelings about the need to close our front office at Mater’s South Brisbane campus. While we acknowledge it’s the best way we can play our part against the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19), it still leaves a lump in our throat as we see our members, colleagues and friends still turning up every day at the frontline of this battle. 

Be assured that we are still here to help, advise and support you when needed. Don’t hesitate to call us as normal on 1300 368 891 or email – it’s just that the team member responding to your call may be doing so from their home office. We also remain available for one-on-one appointments with our financial advisers, though this may be via video conference. 

So we’re adapting to the challenges we are all facing. While it’s “business as unusual”, no matter what happens – we’re still here for you. 

Look after yourself and those that you care about, we’ll take care of your super.