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Property assets you invest in through super are usually distinguished by their size, high quality, investment ‘purity’ and exclusivity. By pooling together your assets with other investors, we are able to provide access to large, premium buildings that are out of reach for the average investor.

Your stake in property

Approximately 12% of our diversified option portfolios is invested in high quality property assets. Most are prime and established properties with strong demand.

Your stake in property plays a partial defensive and partial growth role, and accordingly provides a stable core of income for your super along with some capital growth.

Sophisticated strategies and combinations

We use the deep research capabilities and skills of our investment consultant to identify suitable specialist investment managers with assets that match our philosophy and objectives. This is also good governance and keeps the focus on the needs of our members.

This helps us be a more effective investor for your super in two significant ways:

  1. By pooling your super assets with others to access unique opportunities with enhanced scale.
  2. Through research, analysis, identifying value, executing strategies and seeing how our assets work in harmony.

Because of this, your stake in property utilises a level of investment sophistication that’s generally unavailable to individual investors. This includes participating in over 100 high quality property assets such as prime CBD office buildings, large shopping centres and industrial facilities. A further type of diversification that we pay attention to is the property’s location.

World class ‘trophy’ properties with different roles

The properties within your portfolio are typically in exclusive locations, have stable tenants, enjoy long leases and may have uniquely desirable characteristics (such as a dominant shopping centre).

For example, your property portfolio invests in major retail property assets with high frequencies of shopper visitation. This includes assets like the Myer Centre and Wintergarden in Brisbane, and Westfield Doncaster Shopping Centre in Melbourne. These proprieties attract quality tenants including big local labels and global brands like Uniqlo and Zara, providing further diversification of your property investment.

We also invest in office property assets, like Liberty Place in Sydney. These sorts of properties have a different return and capital growth profile to shopping centres, helping add extra depth to your overall portfolio.

A sample of your properties includes the following1:

Retail Office Industrial
The Myer Centre – Brisbane Central Plaza – Brisbane Interchange Industrial Estate – QLD
Wintergarden – Brisbane Liberty Place – Sydney Metroplex Westgate Industrial Estate – QLD
World Square – Sydney 447 Collins Street – Melbourne Bessemer Business Park – NSW
Westfield Doncaster – Victoria 120 Collins Street – Melbourne Parklands Estate – NSW
Forrest Chase – Perth RM Hope Building – Canberra Portlink Logistics Estate – VIC
1 Sample of assets within property asset class based on underlying assets at 30 June 2021.

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