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Value through detailed analysis

We look for large, high quality infrastructure investments which are often monopolistic in nature, are an essential service or both. This also reduces the risk profile.

Given that no two infrastructure investments are the same, we utilise the deep research capabilities and skills of our investment consultant to identify specialist managers. They then research appropriate infrastructure asset opportunities, test return scenarios and recommend selections with complete transparency.

Your stake in infrastructure

If your super portfolio is in one of our diversified balanced options, approximately 12% of your portfolio is invested in infrastructure assets.

This allocation is carefully considered to combine with the portfolio’s other growth engine assets. If equities are flat or turbulent, infrastructure can offer some stability, while its steady income can boost overall portfolio returns.

Your pooled portfolio provides access to wholesale infrastructure funds using our combined scale to negotiate fees. Wholesale funds are usually off limits to retail investors and self managed super, but they give you (as a Mercy Super member) access to high quality unlisted infrastructure assets out of reach to individuals.

High quality assets here and abroad

Your infrastructure stake includes assets like Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth and Melbourne Airports; Brisbane, Botany and Kembla Ports; Southern Cross Station; pipelines, water facilities, energy grids and toll roads in Australia and overseas. Your stake in quality infrastructure assets includes1:

Indiana Toll Road (North America)  $24.7m  GCT Global Container Terminals (North America)  $4.1m 
Buckeye Partners (North America)  $24.4m  M6Toll (UK)  $4.0m 
Aleatica (Europe/North America)  $22.9m  Colonial Pipeline (North America)  $3.5m 
Manchester Airports Group (UK)  $14.2m  Northern Territory Airports  $2.3m 
Freeport LNG (North Amercia)  $12.2m  Dalkia Polska (Europe)  $2.1m 
Melbourne Airport  $11.0m  Arqiva (UK)  $1.6m 
Ausgrid  $8.9m  Impala Terminals (UK/Europe)  $1.6m 
NSW Ports  $7.2m  DCT Gdansk (Europe)  $1.4m 
Brisbane Airport  $7.1m  Southern Cross Station  $1.2m 
Vienna Airport (Europe)  $6.6m  Eastern Distributor  $1.0m 
FCC Aqualia (Europe)  $6.6m  Adelaide Airport  $0.9m 
Port of Brisbane  $6.0m  Perth Airport  $0.5m 
VTTI (Europe)  $5.9m  Defence HQ  $0.3m 
Anglian Water Group (UK)  $4.3m  Wyuna Water  $0.2m 
Mersin International Port (Europe)  $4.2m  Perth CBD Courts  $0.2m 
1 Estimated asset holdings shown are for illustrative purposes only and are based on fund-level sector assets at 30 June 2020 with proportional allocations for held at 31 December 2019. 

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