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There are two main considerations when it comes to investing in super:

  • Time. How long will it be until you need your super? Remember, even after retirement you’re likely to need your super to keep working for another 30 years or more. For most people, time is on their side, providing the opportunity to aim for long-term growth knowing they can ride out any short-term volatility along the way.
  • Risk. What’s your risk attitude? Do you sleep well at night knowing where your super is invested? Are you happy to experience periods of negative returns if it means that your long-term returns are likely to be higher?

Let’s look at some examples

Claire, Lisa and Rebecca are 30 years old, earning $80,000 p.a. with a current super balance of $50,000. They have all decided to contribute an extra $1,500 p.a. to their super by salary sacrifice and will take three 12-month career breaks before retirement at age 67. The only difference is their investment strategy.

What does their retirement look like?1:



Moderate Growth investment strategy


Last to age 93

52% chance of outliving super


Growth investment strategy


Last to age 103

3% chance of outliving super


High Growth investment strategy


Last to age 105

1% chance of outliving super


As you can see, Rebecca’s future looks a lot brighter with the amount available to support her retirement lifestyle, likely to last 12 years longer than Claire’s.

All because of the higher earnings from her super investment over time.


  1. In today’s dollars calculated using the Mercy Super Retirement Planner available at Assumptions used: retirement age 67, $44,000 p.a. drawdown from income account after retirement. Growth investment strategy with 7.0%/8.1% p.a. pre/post retirement return, percentage fee 0.3% p.a., insurance and administration fees $350 p.a., wage growth 3.5% p.a., career breaks (where applicable) for 12 months at ages 33, 37 and 40.

Ready to look at your investment strategy? We’re here to help

If you’re ready to look at your investment strategy then we’re here to help. We can guide you through our range of investment options and our in-house financial advisers can help you identify your own personal investment strategy matched to your circumstances and long-term goals.

This service is provided as part of the administration fee so there is no additional cost to you.

We’ll help you get more out of your super.

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