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The way your super is invested can make a big difference to your future balance and achieving your retirement goals.

We recognise that members have different priorities and views about the way their super is invested which can also change as their lives evolve. That’s why we offer a carefully selected mix of investment options to meet different investment needs.

With Mercy Super you can change your investment options at any time free of any transaction or buy/sell costs.

Your options – the choice is yours

Current balance, future transactions or both?

For your super account you can choose to either have your current balance and any future transactions (such as contributions and deductions) invested in the same way, or you can choose a different investment strategy for each. For example, you might want to keep your current balance invested where it is, but you may decide to direct any future cashflow to a different selection of investment options.

Investment options for your super account

The table below summarises all the Mercy Super investment options available for your super account, including their strategic allocation to Growth and Defensive assets and risk rating.

You can use this table below as a guide to help make your investment choice. You can mix and match the options to achieve your desired investment strategy by allocating a specific percentage to each of your chosen options, or you can simply decide to allocate 100% to a single option.

Investment option Asset type (based on Strategic Asset Allocation) Estimated number of negative annual returns over any 20 year period Risk label

MySuper Balanced
(default option)

73% Growth
27% Defensive
4.68 High
84.5% Growth
15.5% Defensive
5.03 High
54% Growth
46% Defensive
3.66 Medium to High
37% Growth
63% Defensive
2.79 Medium
75% Growth
25% Defensive
5.97 High
100% Growth
7.09 Very High
100% Growth
6.73 Very High
100% Defensive
Less than 0.5 Very Low

Implementing your choice

To make a change to the investment options for your super account simply log into your account through Member Online . You can also change your investment options by completing and returning an Investment option change – Super Accounts form.

Before you make a choice you should read the information on this page and the Your investment options guide to help you understand the basics of investing and the potential risks.

TIP: Spreading your investments across a range of asset classes, you can help reduce your reliance on the performance of a single asset class. This is referred to as diversifying your investments.

Need help working out what is the best investment strategy for you? Choosing the right investment strategy is a key part of building your retirement savings but it can be daunting. That’s OK – we can help you choose an appropriate mix of investment options based on your personal circumstances and goals.

Try our investment profile calculator or set up an appointment with one of our in-house financial advisers. Just contact us on 1300 368 891 and we’ll help you get the most out of your super.

What you need to know

Investment changes will be effective from the date the change is processed by the Fund.

You can change your investment options as much as you like (subject to a maximum of one per day), but it’s important to understand that frequent switches can work against you. It’s better to select the investment option that’s right for your long-term needs and only make a switch when your needs evolve again.

If we receive multiple investment change request for processing on the same day, the most recent request will be the change implemented.

Please note that the Trustee reserves the right to process your request at a later time should this be necessary for reasons such as excessive market volatility.

Risk and return

When discussing investments, you’ll hear a lot about “Risk and Return” – but what does this actually mean?

  • Risk essentially means volatility – how frequently and by how much investment returns can move up and down.
  • Return refers to the change in value of your super investment – which can be positive (an increase in value) or negative (a decrease in value) over a given period of time.

Risk and Return are related – generally investment options aiming for higher returns carry more risk (volatility).

How we invest

Learn more about how we invest your super. Find out more

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