Mercy Super - Always for you

We have a set of investment beliefs for managing your super to ensure we’re adding value:

  • Super is a long-term investment, which brings with it both opportunities and responsibilities
  • We only take risks when we believe the investment portfolio will be appropriately rewarded
  • Fees, costs and taxes matter and need to be effectively managed
  • Conviction and transparency are paramount when investing other people’s money

Diversified, strategic approach to implementation

To meet the objectives of our investment options, we use a diversified strategic allocation of assets on a risk and return basis. We adopt an active management approach to add value across the whole portfolio.

This lets us focus on big picture investment issues, how the whole investment portfolio fits together and use market weaknesses as a potential opportunity. Overall, we aim to deliver consistent returns through asset and manager diversification, capturing value when markets are rising while protecting against significant losses in down markets.

Patient, research driven manager selection

We are a patient investor with a methodical approach to the research, selection and ongoing review of investment managers. It’s an approach that is designed to be robust in a variety of market environments. This approach is supported by the deep research skills and capabilities of our investment consultant, Frontier Advisors.

This ensures we are not influenced by the promise of short-term high returns. Emotion is separated from investment decisions and our strategies are given adequate time to bear fruit. We carefully handpick our investment managers for their individual qualities, the role they play and how they work in combination with each other in our overall portfolio.

This thinking, design and implementation helps to diversify our portfolio, take risks only where we have a good chance of commensurate return and maintain a robust position in a variety of market environments. It also exposes your super investment to opportunities usually not available to retail investors.

The ongoing monitoring and stress-testing of scenarios enables us to take timely action if any concerns are identified.

Delivering value through expertise and scale

Finally, we work with our investment consultant and managers to save on fees. Fees are never the driver for decision-making but we operate a strong value focus with the investment managers we use.

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