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Sometimes it does happen…

..that’s when we look to insurance cover for support when life takes an unexpected turn. Every day we have conversations with members and their families that no longer have an income due to unexpected disability or death.

We thought we’d share some of these experiences through the case studies below, showing at a human level how the financial support of insurance helped transition into the next phase of their new lives.

Rebecca an insurance story

Rebecca & disability cover

At 39 Rebecca believed she’d had a charmed life. Having been feeling quite run-down for a number of months, her shock diagnosis of terminal cancer devastated Rebecca, her family and the people around her.

Thanks to Rebecca’s disability cover, her family is supported during this difficult time and helped finance her participation in a medical trial that could save her life.


Michelle an insurance story

Michelle & death cover

Michelle was a beloved community services team leader, but when she suffered a sudden and major brain haemorrhage, falling into a coma, her insurance cover was there to support her family.

Working in the healthcare industry, Michelle had always understood the importance of insurance and had taken the simple step of making a binding beneficiary nomination. This meant her death cover was able to be quickly paid to her family and provided them with some financial relief in their time of grief.

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Emily an insurance story

Emily & disability cover

Emily has always had a passion for life and a strong desire to help others, but one fateful weekend Emily’s carefree lifestyle came to a sudden halt when she was severely injured leaving her permanently disabled.

Emily had the foresight to opt-in to receive the Salary-based standard insurance cover package when she first joined Mercy Super. Her disability cover meant she was able to receive much needed financial support that enabled her to make the necessary adjustments to her home to cater to her needs.

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Susan an insurance story

Susan & terminal illness cover

When Susan was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and admitted to hospital, she and her partner, Christine, received the sad news that Susan’s cancer was terminal. Not wanting to wait another day, Susan immediately proposed to Christine who accepted.

Susan’s terminal illness cover enabled close family members from overseas to travel to Australia and join Susan and Christine at their intimate wedding ceremony in the hospital’s chapel.

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Sarah an insurance story

Sarah & income protection cover

When Sarah’s colleague, Jessica, was forced out of work due to a back injury, it was a wake up call that prompted Sarah to look into her own insurance cover. With a young family to think of, she wanted to make sure they were protected should anything ever happen to her.

While Sarah’s Mercy Super account included income protection cover, she also discovered that not only did her husband, Adam, have no income protection insurance, he was also insufficiently covered for Death and TPD cover.

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