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Unfortunately, some of our members have again reported being subject to high-pressure sales techniques from cold callers offering to conduct a “free” review of their super or insurances. It often involves asking for personal details and/or setting up an appointment with one of their “advisers”.

These unscrupulous organisations are often basing their calls from data lists that they have obtained without your specific consent. Even if you don’t follow through with their offer of an appointment, by just responding to some of their questions you could be adding to the details they have on you in their database for on-selling to another organisation.

The bottom line, if you receive an unsolicited call that doesn’t seem right and is not from someone you know, do not give out any personal information. It’s Ok to simply hang up.

For more information and tips, check out the following:

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The tactics used by these organisations feed off the confusion some people feel over their hard-earned super. It’s likely to have taken years to accumulate your super to where it is today – don’t fall for high pressure tactics that are rushing you into some alternative action. Ask questions from a reliable and trustworthy source who has YOUR best interests at heart, not theirs.

If you ever have any concerns our questions about your super – just get in touch directly with us.