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What you’ll be charged

Below we’ve broken down our fees and costs. Note it’s only the investment related Indirect costs and Investment fees that will vary depending on the investment option you’ve chosen.

For the full directory of fees and costs view our Product Disclosure Statement.

Super accounts:

$1.10 per week ($57.20 p.a.) + 0.30% p.a. of account balance

(The 0.30% p.a. fee is subject to a cap of $600 per year)

Income accounts:

0.30% p.a. (subject to a cap of $1,000 per year)

Deducted from your account each month.

Insurance premiums will be deducted directly from your account each month. The amount depends on the level and type of insurance cover you have, and your age. For more details, refer to our Insurance in your super guide.

The indirect cost ratio (ICR) for each of our investment options is the ratio of the total of the indirect costs to the value of assets within that option. These include external fees and costs like investment management costs, performance-related costs, transactional and operational costs and other fees and costs.

These are not deducted directly from your accounts, but are deducted from investment earnings before unit prices are determined. So the investment earnings reported and allocated to your account already have these costs taken into account.

The indirect cost ratio each of our investment options is:

MySuper Balanced (Super accounts only) 0.857% p.a.
Growth 0.964% p.a.
Balanced (Income accounts only) 0.898% p.a.
Conservative 0.759% p.a.
Stable 0.438% p.a.
Socially Responsible (Super accounts only) 1.268% p.a.
Australian Shares (Super accounts only) 0.546% p.a.
International Shares (Super accounts only) 0.960% p.a.
Cash 0.162% p.a.

We’ll charge a fee for costs incurred by us. This includes Family Law related services:

  • Valuation fee of $110 for providing information as required under the Family Law Act.
  • Account splitting fee of $110 for processing the splitting of accounts.

This fee is charged only if you engage our in-house Financial Advisers and agree to have any applicable fee charged directly from your super account.

$75 is deducted from your account balance when you make a withdrawal or exit the Fund, including one-off payments from income accounts. It is not applied to internal transfers including transfers to Mercy Super’s Income accounts.

Fees we don’t charge

This is a fee which can be charged to recover the costs incurred for the sale and purchase of assets. We don’t charge a fee for buy-sell spreads.

This is a fee to switch your investment options. We don’t charge a switching fee.

We encourage you to read all the information about fees and other costs because it’s important to understand their impact on your super. You can find a more comprehensive guide to fees and costs in our Product Disclosure Statement.

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