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Account availability/ Commencement Super accounts only / 1 July 2012
Investment objective Super accounts:

  • Achieve returns net of fees and tax at least equal to CPI + 4.5% over rolling 10 year periods
Likelihood of a negative annual return Less than seven (6.13) in every 20 years
Standard Risk Measure

Asset AllocationInvestment Range
Australian Equities 100% 90 - 100%
Cash/Enhanced Cash 0% 0 - 10%
Currency exposuren.a.n.a.

12 months to 30 June
2018 16.34%
2017 15.90%
2016 0.46%
2015 4.43%
2014 18.23%


Five year compound average to 30 June 2018
10.83% p.a.



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