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Investment options

The way your super is invested can make a big difference to your future. Taking the time to understand how your super is invested and whether the strategy is right for you could have some big pay-offs down the track.

The table below summarises all of our investment options, including their strategic allocation to Growth and Defensive assets and risk rating.

Investment option Asset type (based on Strategic Asset Allocation) Super / income account Estimated number of negative annual returns over any 20 year period Risk label

MySuper Balanced
(default option)

70% Growth
30% Defensive
Super only 3.15 Medium to High
82.5% Growth
17.5% Defensive
Super & Income 3.74 Medium to High
66.5% Growth
33.5% Defensive
Income only 2.45 Medium
48% Growth
52% Defensive
Super & Income 1.27 Low to Medium
23% Growth
77% Defensive
Super & Income 0.22 Very Low
73% Growth
27% Defensive
Super only Less than 5 High
100% Growth
Super only 6.26 Very High
100% Growth
Super only 6.03 Very High
100% Defensive
Super & Income Negligible Very Low


Risk and Return

When discussing investments, you’ll hear a lot about “Risk and Return” – but what does this actually mean?

  • Risk essentially means volatility – how frequently and by how much investment returns can move up and down.
  • Return refers to the change in value of your super investment – which can be positive (an increase in value) or negative (a decrease in value) over a given period of time.

Risk and Return are related – generally investment options aiming for higher returns carry more risk (volatility).


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